onsdag 29 mars 2017

The end is just the beginning

I've forgotten how hard it is to clean a flat for a move. Even if it is the shoe-box one. Takes forever to get through it all. Been spending hours and hours the last few weeks but now it's moving towards the end at least. Have tomorrow also and then the check on Friday.

Friday is my last day at /// too. Had the last week in Kista last week and it felt rather hard to say goodbye to some people. Will be the same this one in Borås.

But it will be nice to live in the Void Mansion every day. Have tons of things to do on my list and I'm looking forward to it.
I also was asked to help out with some promotional work for Nordic Noise Festival and that I accepted. Never done anything like it before but I have been thinking about it. An opportunity severed and I couldn't turn it down then, could I!

The coming weekend there will be another trip to High Voltage to see Treat. Looking forward to that one. Was September 1988 I last saw a Headline show with Treat. I have seen them after but only short sets on Festival-type stages. Thinking about it, when they played the Sweden Rock Cruise perhaps they had a full time slot? Never shot them though so with that it's even more exciting.
Saturday it is Doom Over Scania which also will be awesome, Crimson Dawn, Doomocracy, Hands of Orlac, Memory Garden and one more... Super!

I think I deserve a glass of wine now...


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