onsdag 6 december 2017

Turn the Page

So, it's that time of the year again when it's time to prepare the lists of best records, concerts and so on. It's always a hassle to get it together. Right now I'm pretty blank when it comes to the list. I have a few that I know will make it on. It's not that I don't have enough to choose from, rather the opposite. According to Metal Archives there has been 6690 Full Length albums released this year, which is really crazy. Not that I have listened to that many but there sure has been a lot of music spinning this year. And, with recent reviews, all bands are not listed at Metal Archives. So there are more than that to consider.

But I do love lists. And I love to look back and dig into what has happened during the year. And I really enjoy writing about music that I like. That's actually the main driver for the year list... And apart from the 10 best records there will be the best concerts, other records that has meant a lot during the year and I was thinking of listing some favorite songs also. We'll see if I get overambitious with this all... 

If I don't get around to list the songs, I start here;  

I really like Mike Tramp's "Maybe Tomorrow" record, the things on that I find really good is outstanding. Like this song and a few more. But in general, as a record it's a little too soft for my taste. Love to see him live though and it gets even better when he hits the stage.

Ok, I haven't been using this page much this year... I had a plan to do it, mainly for myself as it's a lot of fun to look back and see what was going on or what I was thinking a while back. I don't really care if anyone reads it. But it's easier to write here compared to sharing on facebook or instagram. Especially when it's time to dig things up again...

Then, another favorite song this year;

The track wasn't available on Youtube... For good and bad, I think everyone should pay for music but sometimes it's hard to share when there's no video of the song. I don't like spotify, spotify don't like my computer (or is it because I'm using the free version still???) but I've been using it a bit this year. Mainly since there's some setting on my computer which makes some tracks from youtube play without sound. I don't know what it is as they sound ok from the phone. And of course, everything isn't available on Youtube. The same rule still applies though, if I've listened more than 3 times I have to buy the record. This becomes the next hassle... When records isn't available anymore and second hand is the only option. I know supporting unlicensed releases isn't the way to go but to choose between an original LP (which I will in most cases) for $100-200-300-400-500 or a Russian reprint for €5... It's not like the band is making money from second hand sales anyway. Perhaps Spotify and other streaming sites are better then?

But, the LIONHEART record "Second Nature" keeps growing and again I'm a bit surprised that I'm this hooked on a record really too soft for my taste. But the songs are fantastic and the musical performance is fabulous. So what's there not to like...  

I also like to set targets, challenges and goals for myself. A little like a newyears resolution. I don't tell anyone since I know I won't follow through. I always aim too high. One thing was to keep up with the live-reports which has worked out ok with Concerts but I'm still hopelessly behind with the massive Festival reports. I love doing it but I'm trigger happy and it takes time to edit all pictures. I've also exceeded my target for number of reviewed records. I said 2 a month and I've done around 60 so far... Which is a bit crazy actually. One interview a month has not happened yet, so that one will have to tag along to next year.

There are a lot of other cool things that have happened during the year but that will come in the summary with all the lists and so on. 

For now... Looking towards 2018, it will start off good! The TRESPASS record sounds awesome, out on Mighty Music in January if remember correctly...


NP: TRESPASS - Footprints in the Rock

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