fredag 16 februari 2018

Almost there

For the weekend! I sure appreciate the weekends more now when working again. I enjoy it very much even if it's frustrating to not know everything as it was at ///. But it still is a learning period. Guess I will feel comfortable when the contract ends or so.

It is also a bit annoying that I'm falling behind with the MK stuff again also. Or, I'm done listening to all records released next Friday and it would be nice to get the reviews up before the release. We'll see if I manage.
But it still is a lot of fun doing this. Both for concerts and records. Also writing in Swedish for Sweden Rock Magazine. Much harder than English I'd say.

I still will try to keep the momentum as good as I did, at least for concerts, this year too. Big festivals will always drag in time. Haven't kept that for Electric Guitars and Accept. But I will fix it this weekend.

And it stopped snowing... Was looking forward to a white weekend, outside at least! 😄


NP: EMERALD - Iron On Iron

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